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Michael Tribus Architecture

Dr. Arch. Michael Tribus

How It started

Michael Tribus Architecture, founded in 1999, is located in Bolzano, Italy and today, with more than 50 projects, both
for public and for private clients, the studio has become Italy’s major Passive House planner.Michael Tribus and his
studio are certified Passive House planners which ensures technical quality in combination with high architectural skills
from the first drawings to construction management. Several projects by Michael Tribus and his young and highly qualified team are considered pionieering; among others the EXOST project, the first governmental office building refurbishment in passive house standard worldwide, the RALDON project, Italy's first certified school building in passive house standard and FRANKENBERG, a step-by-step refurbishment in passive house standard of a college and school-building. Michael Tribus is guest professor at theUniversity of Florence and, as a key note speaker, he regularly shares his expertise and insight on energy efficient building with an international audience.

Meet the Team

Jonas Tribus

Maria Pinamonti

Sara Corridori

Manuela Maggiulli

Erica Mazzoni

Matthias Demetz

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